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System: Nassau Amelia Utility

Description:  The American Beach Well and Septic Tank Phase Out Program will provide municipal water and sewer utilities to the American Beach community.  The project includes 2 ½ miles of sanitary sewer, 52 manholes, two (2) sewer lift stations, 2 ½ miles of water main, seven (7) fire hydrants, and eight (8) automatic flushing assemblies.  The project has received multiple grants to assist in the construction phase costs including SRF clean water and drinking water loans with principal forgiveness, Florida legislative appropriation grants, and a Federal WIIN grant.  Construction bids were received on February 24th.  The construction notice to proceed was issued June 6th.  The first construction activity to kickoff the project is relocation of gopher tortoises within the construction corridor.  Construction for the project is scheduled for eighteen (18) months.


American Beach Water 1

Figure 1: American Beach Water & Sewer District


American Beach Water 2

Figure 2: Gopher Tortoise Burrows Within the Construction Corridor

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