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Project Title: American Beach Water and Sewer District Well and Septic Tank Phase Out Program

System: Nassau Amelia Utility

Description:  The American Beach Well and Septic Tank Phase Out Program will provide municipal water and sewer utilities to the American Beach community.  The project includes 2 ½ miles of sanitary sewer, 52 manholes, two (2) sewer lift stations, 2 ½ miles of water main, seven (7) fire hydrants, and eight (8) automatic flushing assemblies.  The construction contractor’s notice to proceed was issued in June 2022.  Construction is approximately 75% complete.  Phase I of the water distribution system was placed into service in December 2023.  Final completion of the project is anticipated to occur in May 2024.

Figure 1: New Central Sewer Collection System Constructed by December 2023


Figure 2: Concrete base and riser section installed at Lift Station #1
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