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Project Title: DUP 15 (Rio Vista Septic-to-Sewer Project)

System: Dunnellon Utility

Description:   Rainbow River – Rio Vista Septic to Sewer Project

FGUA is undertaking a septic to sewer project in the Rio Vista community located in the City of Dunnellon.  The project consists of connection of approximately 333 septic tanks from single family homes in the Rio Vista neighborhood in the Rainbow Springs basin management action plan (BMAP) primary focus area (PFA).  This will result in approximately 3,300 lbs/yr nitrogen reduction in the Rainbow Springs.  The project includes 154 grinder pump stations, a sanitary sewer gravity collection system, a sanitary sewer transmission line, roadway restoration and upgrades to an existing lift station.  The project’s design consultant services statement(s) of qualifications was received in August ’22.  FGUA is currently negotiating project scope and fee with the selected design consultant, Wade Trim.

Rio Vista Septic to Sewer Project Drivers
Figure 1: Rio Vista Septic to Sewer Project Drivers
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