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September 17, 2021

The Lehigh Acres WWTP, located near Homestead Road and Lee Blvd., serves over 10,000 customers in Lehigh Acres. First constructed in the late 1950’s, the plant has undergone several upgrades and expansions over the years.

The currently project is a multi-year project to upgrade three treatment units (Treatment Units 1, 3 and 4) at the plant. FGUA staff, along with the treatment plant operators, U.S. Water, determined that all three units need rehabilitation in ensure the FGUA can continue to provide reliable wastewater service and protect our local environment.

Treatment Unit No. 1 was rehabilitated this year and the project is now substantially complete. The rehabilitation of Treatment Unit No. 3 is a similar project; the rehabilitation of the 100 foot diameter treatment tank includes the repair of corroded sections of the tank, the replacement of all tank internal treatment equipment, various electrical upgrades and the complete sand blasting and painting of the interior and exterior of the tank.

The design of the Treatment Unit No. 3 rehabilitation is complete and the FGUA Board has awarded the project to Lawrence Lee Construction Services for the cost of $4,067,000.

The project is scheduled to begin construction in November, 2021 and will be completed by late summer, 2022.

Lehigh Acres Wastewater

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