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The Plantation Bay WTP’s lime softening process and equipment is at the end of their useful life and requires replacement.  The miscellaneous improvements project includes abandonment of the existing lime softening equipment and installation of new nanofiltration equipment.  The project also includes various miscellaneous items aimed to increase treatment reliability and to provide a more consistent and disinfection byproduct free drinking water to the customers in the FGUA Flagler system.  A pilot study for the nanofiltration facility commenced November 2021 and will be complete in February 2022.  The pilot study will provide the necessary raw water and treated water quality data required for the detailed design of the water plant improvements.  Construction of the new facilities is expected to commence quarter 3 2022.

Plantation Bay - Flagler
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Plantation Bay - Flagler #2
Figure 1: Nanofiltration Pilot Skid
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