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Plantation Bay Water Treatment Plant (WTP) Miscellaneous Improvements

Project Title: Plantation Bay Water Treatment Plant (WTP) Miscellaneous Improvements

System: Flagler

Description: The Plantation Bay WTP’s lime softening process and equipment is at the end of their useful
life and requires replacement. The miscellaneous improvements project includes abandonment of the
existing lime softening equipment and installation of new nanofiltration equipment. The project also
includes various miscellaneous items aimed to increase treatment reliability and to provide a more
consistent and disinfection byproduct free drinking water to the customers in the FGUA Flagler system.
The pilot study for the nanofiltration facility was complete in February 2022. The design notice to proceed
was issued to Wade Trim January 11th, and the design is 100% completes. The project is being delivered
in two phases. Phase I is the owner direct purchase of the nanofiltration skids. The second phase of the
project is construction of the new nanofiltration building, mechanical,

FRP 07 ( Plantation Bay WTP Miscellaneous Improvements Project) Oct 23
Figure 1: Nanofiltration Skids Schematic


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