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September 20, 2021

Description: This project includes the installation of approximately 2700 feet of sewer force main to replace an existing gravity sewer main along with the replacement of approximately 2700 feet of reclaimed water main (see attached sketches). This project will replace old mains that have experienced several breaks over the past several years due to shallow bedrock as well as increase the capacity of the existing force main system. This project is part of the FGUA’s on-going efforts to increase system reliability and protect our local natural resources.

This project is Phase 2 of a multiphase project to upgrade the existing reclaimed water and wastewater facilities along Powell Creek in North Ft. Myers; Phase 1, the installation of 2000 feet of reclaimed water and wastewater forcemain, was completed this year.

The estimated project cost is $2.1 million. Construction is anticipated to start in December, 2021 with completion in summer 2022.

Reuse-Force Main Replacements

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