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Pasco County Acquiring FGUA Lindrick Utility System

Pasco County will assume ownership of the Lindrick system from the FGUA, effective July 1, 2022.

The FGUA has been working with your local government, Pasco County, to transfer ownership of the FGUA Lindrick utility system. Pursuant to our interlocal agreement and as a partner government, the FGUA works with the host government to transfer a utility system when requested. Pasco County expressed interest in acquiring the FGUA Lindrick system in 2019 and we worked diligently with them to finalize the necessary agreements and begin transition activities.  Customers requesting assistance beginning July 1, 2022 may contact Pasco County Utilities.  Pasco County Utilities has set up a Lindrick System Acquisition web page to assist customers with the transition.  Please feel free to visit their page at https://www.pascocountyfl.net/4398/Lindrick-System-Acquisition.

It has been our pleasure serving you!

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