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Treatment Change
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Free Chlorine Burn – January 2023 Seven Springs

System: Seven Springs
Cause: Under Investigation
Effective Date: 01/09/2023




Free Chlorine Burn & Flushing Fact Sheet

WHAT:                       The FGUA currently uses chloramines to disinfect your potable water. To maintain the pipes, chlorine disinfection replaces chloramines for approximately two to three weeks, when needed. Pipes are also flushed to remove any sediment in the lines. These are routine measures as part of regular utility maintenance. Dates noted below may be extended to ensure complete and proper cleaning and disinfection.


WHERE:                The following FGUA service area(s) and/or communities will be impacted by the maintenance:


FGUA Seven Springs (Southern Section) – Communities include:


Briar Patch, Bryant Square, Champions Club, Chelsea Place, Country Place Village, Foxwood, Heritage Springs, Hills of San Jose, Nature’s Hideaway, Reserve at Oakridge, Riviera, Sabal at Wyndtree, Thousand Oaks, Thousand Oaks East, Trinity Oaks, Trinity Palms, Trinity West, Woodbend, Woodgate, Wyndgate, Wyndtree, Villages at Fox Hollow, Veterans’ Villas, portions of Veterans’ Village, and West Pasco Industrial Park


WHEN:                       This will occur January 9, 2023 through approximately January 30, 2023.


FGUA Seven Springs (Northern Section) – Communities include:


Cypress Lakes, Heritage Lake, Hunting Creek, Millpond Commercial, Millpond Estates, Millpond Village, Park Lake Estates, Plantation, River Oaks, Riverchase, Riverside Village, Woodtrail Estates, Woodtrail Village, portions of Veterans’ Village, and Villa del Rio.                  


This will likely occur from January 30, 2023 through February 13, 2023.



-Please See Other Side for More Information-







The water will continue to meet Federal and State standards for safe drinking water, though you may notice a slightly different taste or odor. You may also notice air, discoloration, or sediment in the lines during flushing. If discoloration appears, simply run the water for a few extra minutes until it runs clear.




Users of kidney dialysis machines should contact their dialysis care provider for more information about water testing and precautions regarding chlorine removal.  Although complications should not occur as a result of this change, it is important to properly monitor the process for complete neutralization of the disinfectant residual.




Those with questions regarding their aquariums should contact their local pet suppliers. The temporary change to chlorine should not affect those with live fish if a system is already in place to remove chloramines.









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