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Treatment Change
in New Port Richey, FL, USA


System: Seven Springs
Cause: Planned Maintenance
Effective Date: 04/08/2024

February 23, 2024, 9:28 a.m.:


Seven Springs SYSTEM

PWS 651-2214


Dear Customer:

Beginning Monday, April 8thh the Florida Governmental Utility Authority (FGUA) will be conducting system flushing and temporarily changing the disinfection process for the drinking water supply in your community.

The FGUA conducts system flushing as part of its prudent utility practice.  Flushing will remove sediment from the system that has been in the pipes for a long time.  Sediment left in the pipes has led to odor and discoloration in some communities, which occurs as chlorine that is used to treat the water subsides.

When the FGUA temporarily changes the disinfection process, your water will be disinfected with free chlorine rather than combined chlorine/ammonia (chloramines).  This conversion to free chlorine (which is a stronger, faster-acting disinfectant) from chloramines (which is a longer-lasting disinfectant) allows the FGUA to perform a water distribution system purge as recommended by the Department of Environmental Protection for water utilities using chloramines as their primary disinfectant.  This temporary change in disinfection is anticipated to last approximately two to three weeks per section, and is expected to end by Monday, May 6th.  The following is the expected schedule per section.  This timeframe may be extended to ensure proper and complete cleaning and disinfection.

Monday, April 8th through Monday, May 6th.

This process will not cause adverse health effects.  However, during this period, you may notice some discoloration and/or cloudiness in your water. You may also find air pockets in the system. The discoloration and air are harmless.  If you do come across this, you may want to run water through the tap until it runs clear. Some areas may also experience a temporary fluctuation in water pressure or a slight increase in the taste and odor of chlorine.

Discoloration in laundry can occur.  You may wish to purchase and use a cleaning additive available at local grocery or home improvement stores.  Including this while washing should prevent (or remove) any discoloration that may otherwise occur.

Customers who use tap water for kidney dialysis at home should properly monitor their process for complete neutralization of disinfectant residual and should contact their doctor for more information.

To condition tap water for use in an aquarium, de-chlorinating products should be used that neutralize both combined and free chlorine. The water should be tested with a kit that can measure both combined and free chlorine.

Please call the FGUA at (727) 372-0115 with any questions, or visit the FGUA website at www.FGUA.com for additional information on this process.  The FGUA appreciates your patience as we work to maintain clean and clear water in your system.


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