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Water Restrictions

FGUA customers should follow the water restrictions in place by their local water management district or their local county/city government. At times, water restrictions may differ between the local government and the water district. When differences occur, FGUA customers should simply follow the stricter watering guidelines to remain in compliance.

To assist customers with identifying their current water restrictions, the FGUA has provided links to each system’s water management district and local government websites. Customers are encouraged to check these pages regularly as water restrictions often change on a seasonal basis, depending upon drought conditions.

Enter your ZIP  CODE in the Search Box below and click on the appropriate link for either the local Government’s website or Water Management District.

Zip CodeSystemCountyCityLocal GovernmentWater District

Note: Please note that the FGUA makes every effort to keep these links up-to-date. However, from time to time, information on other websites may be moved or deleted. If this occurs, please contact us.

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