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Online FGUA Terminate Service Application rev2

Residential Application for TERMINATION of Water, Wastewater
and/or Reclaimed Water Service

In order for owners’ accounts to terminate service and submit this form, owners must provide proof of the sale or transfer of ownership of the property. Please attach the required document.

NOTE: In the event of any loss or damage to property of the Company caused by or arising out of carelessness, neglect, or misuse by the Customer, the cost of making good such loss or repairing such damage shall be paid by the Customer.

What is the Readiness to Serve/Inactive account fee?

An inactive account fee is equal to the base fees for water and/or sewer service paid by open account holders and is billed monthly to every property owner regardless of usage. Base charges cover the fixed costs of the utility such as line maintenance, plant operations, acquisition, capital improvements and debt service. These costs remain regardless of whether or not usage occurs. When a utility account is opened at the property, either by the owner or a tenant, the account holder will pay the base fees and usage instead of the inactive fee. If a tenant vacates a property, the owner will be charged inactive fees.

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